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In the corporate world Jeff is recognized as a highly skilled and in demand Info-Tainer.  His specialty is taking corporate messages, brands, products and turning them into to engaging and smart theatrical presentations.  Jeff’s stage shows feature animated digital projections, sound and theatrical staging elements.   He skillfully combines professional production values, world class magic and custom scripting to maximize your message.  Imagine drawings that come to life, unbelievable sleight of hand and illusions of the mind that just don’t seem possible.

In addition to stage performances Jeff is also available for more casual performances where the magic happens in the hands of your clients/guests.  He is able to perform international award winning magic that will help bring your guests together for a magical and memorable event.  These same skills can also used very effectively at trade shows to help stop and entice leads to your booth.  Once there Jeff will seamlessly pass along your clients to your dedicated sales team to follow up.

Some other possibilities include: game shows that highlight your corporate message and allow your sales team to seamlessly collect the contact information from everyone in the crowd! A bingo game where every participant in the audience calls out bingo (or your personalized message) at the exact same time!  How about a custom video where one of your executives or CEO is the magical star of the show?!  Whatever your needs are Jeff can design custom experiences around your event plans that are guaranteed to make your event most magical!

If you’d like to find out more information about my services please don’t hesitate to contact me at:

Jeff Christensen (M. Ed.)

(604) 817-1114