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In 2014 Jeff received a CTC nomination for Best Actor in a Musical for his role as the “Presto” the magical elf in Santa Claus – The Panto (Surrey Arts Centre).  He received the prestigious Mandrake Award (2015) for performance excellence from the Society of American Magicians.  Jeff was awarded Gold Medals in the categories of Mentalism and Parlour (2016) from the Pacific Coast Association of Magicians.  In 2019 Jeff was recognized as Inspirational Canadian Magician of the Year by Canada Magic.  

Jeff recently received the Global Champion Award from the charity group Me 2 We in recognition of his educational/magical charity work in Kenya.   Through his family charity Celebrate the Child (www.CelebrateTheChild.me)  they were able to fundraise to build a school in rural Kenya.  Here’s a video which captures some of the magic when Jeff and his family went to visit the school in the village of Oloirien, Kenya.

The following clip was from an adult comedy show and features my original handling of the Psychic Toaster.  There are some suggestive comments and political themes that may not appropriate for all audiences or venues.  Viewer discretion is advised. (It’s not really that bad I just don’t want anyone to be uncomfortable)

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